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Unlock Your


Unlock your unique sound and experience vocal breakthrough with Vocal Coach Hannah Love. Tap into your vocal potential and enhance your breathing, vocal performance and overall vocal health!

Worship Coaching

Worship is a universal language that allows the presence of God to be felt on earth. Each session empowers and equips team members to lead and participate in an authentic and organic worship experience.

Worship & Speaking Engagements

We offer a unique and fresh sound for events and services by blending hymns, traditional Gospel, and contemporary Christian music, with the ability to command the stage and speak to audiences of various backgrounds. 

Vocal Coaching

Our unique approach to coaching and training your voice is designed for singers of all ages, backgrounds, genres and walks of life, regardless of your level. Each session follows the unique vocal health plan created as presented in your consultation.

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Meet Hannah Love, a skilled vocal coach, worship leader and coach, and author. Her passion for music began at a young age, when she was captivated by the Count on Sesame Street, who sang in key and often in the minor chords she loved. This sparked her interest in music and led to her first solo performance at age 3, and her father enrolling her in piano lessons from age 5-10. Throughout her education and career, Hannah has honed her skills as a musician and leader, singing in various choirs and performing on worship teams. With her experience in both traditional and charismatic church settings, as well as backing other artists, Hannah is now offering her services through Love More Music to help others unlock their sound.

Meet Hannah
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Subscribe today to the Love More Music Webinar Collective, and receive access to a set of instructional videos, lasting around 25-30 minutes, that focus on various subjects within the music industry, worship, and vocal health. Each video is accompanied by a downloadable workbook, a title, instructor, description, a 30-second introduction, and a call-to-action. Upon enrollment, participants will receive a downloadable e-book to use as a reference.

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