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Music has always been and will always be a universal language. Music is the language I  have understood since before I was born. Sir (My Dad) would play classical music while he read to me, instilling a love for the craft I would later fall in love with.


I had my first solo in the children’s choir at the 3. I led "I am a Promise”, complete with hip bouncing and all! LOL! Sir noticed I would get quiet when Count would appear on the screen during Sesame Street; he is the only muppet that sings on Key and plays my favorite chords. He decided to put me in piano lessons from 5 to 10 and then flute lessons from 10-13. Learning two instruments taught me how to read sheet music and keep timing, a skill I use today.


I’ve done Background Vocals for artists: B. Renee. Kevin Jackson, Dale Brown and others, in various venues. I have directed choirs, trained, developed praise and worship teams, and composed and arranged pieces for choirs on special occasions. I am fluent in music and genuinely desire that others become skilled in a craft that speaks to many.


love more music

Love More Music is a company created to enhance the Worship Teams, Leaders, Singers, and Band Members’ vocal skills and technique. We stress the importance of presenting a professional worship experience through an enhanced skill set and encouraging the team members to find their voice & sound and deliver a heartfelt worship experience the congregation can enjoy and God will receive. 


Our Program consists of Vocal Coaching, courses, workshops, individual and group sessions. Your preferred track will challenge and grow your team's development area while identifying and honing the areas of strengths, increasing your team’s overall confidence. Love More Music will correct the common errors found in the presentation of the Worship in the service. We use your scheduled rehearsals and additional sessions to teach, mold, and shape your team into one you can boast of!

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