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Check My Standing

Did you know that how you stand impacts how you breathe and ultimately how you sing?

Well, for starters, posture refers to the position and alignment of the body and its limbs, particularly when standing or sitting. Good posture involves keeping the spine in a neutral position, the shoulders back, and the head and neck in alignment with the rest of the body. A poor posture can lead to muscle strain, pain, and discomfort, and can also negatively impact breathing and digestion. 

Good posture can help singers in a few ways. Good Posture improves breathing. It allows for the lungs to expand fully, which allows for better breath control and support for singing. Good Posture produces better sound production and allows for the larynx (voice box) to be in the optimal position for singing, which can lead to a clearer and more resonant tone.

Good Posture reduces strain and helps to reduce strain on the muscles used for singing, allowing for longer and more comfortable singing sessions. It also increases confidence by giving a singer a more confident and professional appearance, which can be beneficial in performance situations. Good posture gives room for better projection of the voice, which can be important in a performance setting.

Good posture is an important aspect of singing technique and leads to improved singing performance and a more comfortable singing experience. Good posture should be practiced regularly in order to maintain proper alignment and muscle memory. It is recommended to practice good posture throughout the day, whenever you are standing or sitting, as this will help to train your body to maintain good posture even when you are not actively thinking about it. Incorporating posture exercises into your daily routine, such as standing or sitting tall, pulling your shoulders back and down, and tucking your chin can be helpful in maintaining good posture.

Additionally, singers should practice good posture during singing practice, as this will help to train the muscles used for singing to maintain good posture even when you are singing. Singers should also be aware of their posture during performances, as maintaining good posture can help to improve singing performance and reduce strain on the body. It's also important to note that, even though you might be practicing good posture, if you have a pre-existing condition or injury, or if you experience discomfort, you should consult a professional (such as a doctor or physical therapist) to make sure you're not causing any harm.

I know you are ready to take the next steps and invest in your vocal health today. Visit our website at to schedule your FREE consultation. Love More Music is ready to UNLOCK YOUR SOUND!

Happy Singing!

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