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What's The Difference?

I am so proud of you! You decided to invest in your vocal health and increase your knowledge base in the music industry. You’re in the rooms, registering for the webinars, reading the books, and asking questions, and you’re confused. Who is a Vocal Coach? Who is a Voice Teacher? Is there a difference between the two? Where can I find them?

A vocal coach and a vocal teacher are both professionals who can help you improve your singing skills, but they tend to have different areas of expertise. A vocal coach typically focuses more on performance techniques, such as stage presence, microphone technique, and song interpretation. A vocal teacher, on the other hand, is more focused on technical aspects of singing, such as breath control, tone production, and vocal range. While a vocal coach may work with more advanced or professional singers, a vocal teacher may work with students of all skill levels. It's also possible for an individual to be both a vocal coach and a vocal teacher.

A vocal coach is a professional who helps singers and speakers improve their technique, range, and overall performance skills. They can help with breathing, pitch, tone, and stage presence, and may also work on song interpretation and style. Some vocal coaches also work with actors, public speakers, and other professionals who use their voices in their work.

A voice teacher is a professional who teaches singing, usually in one-on-one or small group settings. They help students develop their singing technique, range, and expression, and may also work on performance skills and interpretation of songs. Voice teachers typically have a background in music and may have formal training in voice pedagogy. They may also be referred to as singing teachers or vocal coaches.

So where can we find them? You can find a vocal coach or voice teacher in music schools and conservatories, community centers and youth programs, local colleges and universities, private studios or music schools, online through websites or video conferencing platforms, and through recommendations from other singers or musicians. It would be best to research and read reviews before choosing a coach or teacher, as well as to check if they have the appropriate qualifications and experience.

I know you are ready to take the next steps and invest in your vocal health today. Visit our website at to schedule your FREE consultation. Love More Music is ready to UNLOCK YOUR SOUND!

Happy Singing!

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