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What's In Your Cup

I use my voice ALL THE TIME. Whether I am singing, talking, teaching, or humming, my vocal chords are always engaged. What’s in my cup plays a huge role in how I hydrate and protect my chords. So what’s safe to drink and what should I stay away from? Drinking water hydrates the body, regulates body temperature, aids in digestion, flushes out toxins, supports skin health, boosts physical and mental performance, relieves headaches, maintains healthy kidneys, and prevents constipation. Drinking water also helps to hydrate the vocal cords, keeping them moisturized, improving their ability to produce, and preventing dryness which can lead to hoarseness and damage. Hydrated vocal cords are more elastic and vibrate more easily, allowing for better sound production.  

Infused water (water with added fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc.) can provide additional benefits, like enhancing flavor, adding vitamins and minerals, boosting hydration, supporting the immune system, aiding weight loss, improving skin health, alkalizing the body, relieving stress and anxiety, promoting healthy digestion, and detoxifying the body. Infused water can benefit the vocal chords by providing hydration and adding vitamins and minerals that can support overall health, including the health of the vocal cords. 

Herbal tea can benefit the vocal cords by providing hydration and potentially adding vitamins and minerals that support overall health. Some herbal teas, such as tea made from licorice root or slippery elm, may also have a soothing effect on the throat and vocal cords. 

Caffeine naturally occurs in some plants and is commonly consumed in coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, and some medications. Caffeine is a mild diuretic, increasing fluid loss and potentially leading to dehydration. Caffeine irritates the throat and vocal cords, leading to hoarseness, soreness, and other symptoms. Caffeine increases muscle tension in the throat and neck, making it harder to produce sound and potentially leading to voice strain or injury. Caffeine interferes with sleep, which is important for overall vocal health and recovery from any strain or injury.

Soda, especially those with caffeine, may result in high sugar intake. This can lead to weight gain, which puts extra pressure on the vocal cords and makes it harder to produce sound. Soda’s acidic content can irritate the throat and vocal cords, leading to hoarseness, soreness, and other symptoms.  

Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it can increase fluid loss and lead to dehydration. Alcohol can cause dehydration, and decrease muscle function. It slows the speaking and singing muscles, making it harder to produce sound and increasing the risk of voice strain or injury. Alcohol can cause the vocal chords to swell, and interfere with sleep. 

Consuming Sugar in excess can lead to dehydration, and increased weight gain which can put extra pressure on the vocal cords and make it harder to produce sound. Sugar suppresses the immune system making it harder to recover from any strain or injury to the vocal cords.

Your cup of joe, rum punch, or ginger ale, when consumed in excess can cause issues that can have lasting effects on your local health.  It's best to limit caffeine, soda, alcohol, and sugar consumption and stay hydrated, especially before and after speaking or singing. Moderation is important in preserving and extending your vocal health.

I know you are ready to take the next steps and invest in your vocal health today. Visit our website at to schedule your FREE consultation. Love More Music is ready to UNLOCK YOUR SOUND!

Happy Singing!

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