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Recording Music


The voice is the one instrument that you carry with you. Its uniqueness, character, and identity are naturally discovered and curated over time. Shows, concerts, and albums let the world experience your voice, and fall in love with you as the artist. Each 20-30 minute course in this module, answers the most commonly asked questions while providing easy-to-follow solutions you may ask.


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Every Month

-Access to All Webinars

Platinum Membership


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-Access to All Webinars
-One 45 min vocal session a month

Diamond Membership


Every Month

-Access to All Webinars
-One 45 min vocal session a month
-A Private Group Q&A Session

**Once payment is received, you will be sent an email giving you access to the Webinar page.**

Shirece, Diamond Member

Hannah Love has been such a blessing to me as a worship leader. She has pushed me beyond my comfort zone. She has challenged my worship with God in such a way that now I am more confident in not only who I am in Christ but I am now able to worship God in a more unique and authentic way. This has changed how I see and experience God and how I bring others into God's presence. Hannah Love's one on one sessions were definitely created with me in mind.


Toya, Platinum Member

Hannah is an amazing teacher! She does a great job explaining how I should sing. I thoroughly enjoyed each lesson and have been learning so much since signing up. As a vocal coach, she is patient in making sure I am breathing properly and executing notes I have been nervous to hit. Her information is gold and I practice what she teaches me every chance she gets.

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